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There are a shit load of radfems attacking trans women on tumblr right now and y’all are fucking SILENT. 

And you call yourselves allies. I am disgusted. 

This ENTIRE THREAD (TRIGGER WARNING for transphobia and ableism) needs you to come collect your fucking people. The radfems are fucking monsters. The following hateful pieces of shit are encouraging violence against trans women in that thread alone:











I don’t expect many to listen. Most of them haven’t before.

Okay, while I appreciate what you’re doing, insulting people isn’t good incentive to make them help. Some people simply aren’t AWARE of these things going on. I mean, in a general way we’re aware in the way that we’re aware there’s a war going on. But if you asked me to pick out specific soldiers or something, I couldn’t do it. Just like I can’t pick out specific trans individuals on Tumblr because I’ve never seen them on my dash or met them. Your dashboard is like a bubble and it’s hard to know of things that don’t reach your bubble in one way or another.

I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t imply I’m a shitty trans ally just because I didn’t know these people were being harassed.

That said, signal boost. Rude language or not, it’s still a good cause.

I can’t believe you just interjected with this mess. You know that’s a form of psychological abuse. your privilege is hindering you from LISTENING to what people are saying.

how can you compare the language of genderbitch to people who harm them? 

you need help. for serious.

My privilege? Pardon, you know nothing about me or how I identify. I found this post because it happened to show up on my dash. The way I read the post seemed to come off as yes, they were against the radfems (which is totally understandable, I dislike them as well) but I guess I just took a bit of offense for someone being disgusted with me for something I’d never heard about until just then. :/ I’m terribly sorry if I came off wrong or whatever. I know that what these radfems are doing is wrong, that’s why I still signal boosted it. It is abuse and it is disgusting.


you interrupted people speaking about THEIR experience with transphobia and cissexism to say that they were being “insulting.”

shut up. 

apologize to the people who you—not only offended, but—attempted to dehumanize by telling them to not react to THEIR oppression.

and dont come with that “im sorry if i came off wrong.”

there’s no IF. okay?

YOU attempting to silence and tone police other people is just as abusive as those radfems! 

learn your place.

Um…Wait now. I wasn’t trying to silence anyone. I didn’t realize they were speaking about their own abuse, sorry? I don’t recall them stating that.

I told no one not to react. I told them that the way they were phrasing themselves was rude. I have nothing against what they’re getting at or what they’re trying to do. I don’t think they needed to be so vitriolic. It’s a personal preference maybe, but I find it easier to get people involved if you’re calm about it.

Learn my place? My place is not replying to you anymore and worrying about what this post is about: the radfems.

I will state again: I am against radfems. I do not like their beliefs because putting anyone below themselves is basically against the ideals of what feminism is, equality. Sooo yeah. I really hate them. I’ve been bullied online in the past for a couple years, it sucked. I sympathize with anyone who has to go through that in whatever form.

I messaged several of these people as well.

I’m against the radicals, I just didn’t like how the OP was being so aggressive towards the allies for “being silent”, especially when my personal “silence” was out of not knowing who any of these radfems were, not out of not caring or only caring once I was apparently called out on my shit. :/

EDIT: I’d also like to add that if you were speaking about the interrupting thing because of other people who have reblogged this post, I didn’t think to delete genderbitch’s response and she wasn’t who I was replying to. I honestly didn’t notice it :c In retrospect, I would have deleted it. I am sincere when I say I didn’t mean to do that, and if I did offend you, I’m sorry for that. I’m not trying to dehumanize or silence anyone, I was speaking solely at the OP. Buh. Yeah, I pretty much should have just shut up and that’s what I’m doing now. I’m sorry to everyone because I’m a bitch and stuff. Bye.

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